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Causes and solutions of the heating of concrete mixer blades
- Aug 07, 2018 -

1, first check the amount of grease and model is appropriate.

Clean the housings and bearings to replace the new grease; add a 10mm thick fangping pad to the bolts on the fastening rails and tighten it with a double nut; the gap between the frame and the motor base and the slide rail is padded with thin sheets to reduce the vibration. 

2, large vibration will also cause the bearing heat.

Check whether the rack fastening, flywheel dynamic balance is good, both may cause equipment vibration, if the flywheel dynamic balance is not good, can be removed flywheel, reduce vibration, see whether the bearing is still hot. 

3, objective conditions.

Whether the external environment temperature is too high, the external environment temperature is higher, the concrete mixer and the fan and so on high speed, the bearing also uses the grease lubrication, these conditions all easily causes the bearing temperature to be high or even heats up. Finally, we should also specifically remind the broad masses of users are: Mixer blade temperature is too high, as far as possible not to use water-cooled or dilute oil forced lubrication and other complex means, but should be used concrete mixer small pulley with fans and other simple measures to assist the cooling, hope that the above content for the enterprise concrete mixing station smooth and efficient production to bring help.