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Four cycle steps for heating a refrigeration thermostat
- Aug 07, 2018 -

⑴ pressure rise: In the discharge unit at a low point, open the intake valve, high-pressure gas into the V1 chamber and the thermal storage cooler to form an adiabatic compression, because of the large heat capacity of the regenerator filler so that the gas temperature is not significantly elevated.

⑵ gas inhalation: When the discharge device is moving upward, the high-pressure gas inside the hot end V1 is transferred to the cold end V2, the gas is cooled by the cooler and the volume is reduced, so another part of the high-pressure gas is inhaled from the inlet valve, and the discharge device reaches the dead center forward valve is closed.

⑶ Gas Expansion: The discharge device on the top dead end, the exhaust valve open, V2 gas compressor low-pressure intake pipe adiabatic extraction, forming an expansion process, resulting in a reduction in the temperature of the gas system to take the cold.

⑷ Gas discharge: The discharge device from the top dead point downward movement, will expand the gas from the V2 pressure out until the discharge device to the bottom dead.