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How to reduce the wear of concrete mixer liner to improve production efficiency?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

In the use of concrete mixer liner, wear is unavoidable, wear will affect the production efficiency of equipment, so the most important point in the production process is to minimize the wear of concrete mixer.

The first is the lubrication of concrete mixer, where there is a lot of lubrication, the method and the amount of lubricant is different, and sometimes need to replace the new lubricant, but also need a fixed amount of false lubricant, users must understand these lubrication technology, to ensure the lubrication of concrete mixer. Concrete mixer more easy to wear parts of vibrating screen, stirring blades, surface, mixing drum, how to reduce the wear and tear of these places? Vibrating screen wear the key in the vibration bearing, the user must choose high-quality bearings, lubrication equipment to be reasonable, users must often lubricate the bearings; because the mixing blades need mixing concrete, so the general wear is more serious, This requires the user in the addition of materials to avoid large chunks of hard objects or steel wire and other objects such as mixing tube, and often for the maintenance of the stirring blades; concrete mixer surface wear may be caused by micro-shock, sliding, impact, abrasion, rust, etc., which requires the user in the use of attention, avoid collisions, and maintain a clean surface, When the rust is found to be dealt with in a timely manner, the mixing barrel is also often worn out, which requires the user to clean the mixing barrel immediately after the work is finished and to prevent the concrete from solidifying in the stirring barrel.