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Quality identification method of concrete mixer liner Board
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Concrete mixing station is widely used in basic construction, most users only understand the use of concrete mixing station, and know little about the quality of concrete mixing station, let alone check the quality of the station bought.

Today, Xiao Bian teaches you several suggestions to distinguish the quality of concrete mixing station:

1, the operation of the transmission system to be flexible, no abnormal sound;

2, the matching line installation should be reasonable, the installation of equipment to be correct

3, mixer Liner If the fall-type mixing barrel that its discharge ring radial runout does not exceed the diameter of the feed mouth 1%, but also to check the mixer on the vibration screen screen of the quality of steel and screen and screen hole reasonable size and check the installation accuracy of the screen;

4, the quality of cement cans qualified;

5, Belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever pull shovel, such as transmission to smooth, flexible operation, braking can be high, no abnormal noise, no card chain;

6, safety valve can not appear leakage phenomenon;

7, the measurement system is also very important to check, to check the sensitivity of the measurement system and accuracy;

8, reduce the machine to improve the temperature should also pay attention to the quality of the book to achieve the temperature; 9, metering bucket in and out of the material to smooth, do not appear accumulation, overflow and other phenomena.