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Structural characteristics of heating refrigeration thermostat
- Aug 07, 2018 -

1, heating refrigeration thermostat using components of the heating/refrigeration technology, heating refrigeration thermostat can make the structure of compact design, high control accuracy.

2, the Column box refrigeration function makes its application scope to be more extensive.

3, the wide temperature chamber can accommodate 3 ф4.6mm, long 300mm of chromatographic column.

4, the powerful refrigeration power can make the temperature in the temperature chamber below room temperature below 20 ℃.

5, the integration of the design makes the column temperature box convenient and compatible with the HPLC system, heating refrigeration thermostat structure compact.

6, the intelligent temperature control system can be based on the ambient temperature and set temperature difference automatically choose heating or refrigeration, so the operation is extremely convenient.

7, random with a highly adjustable injection valve mounting bracket, and gift overflow bottle and bottle card.

8, Cylinder box thermostat bottom design of the drainage channel, heating refrigeration thermostat can be cooled in the thermostat in the surface of the water vapor condensate discharged.