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The blade installation and maintenance of concrete mixer should be known
- Aug 07, 2018 -

For the mixer blades, the installation is particularly important, especially the concrete mixer blade installation angle. The angle of too large or too small will affect the overall quality of concrete mixing. The welding method, installation method and order of the mixer blades should also be considered.

The material, strength and shape of the petiole of the stirring blades are also the factors that can not be neglected. As the core element in the concrete mixer, the maintenance work is very important.

Small knitting Special consulting relevant technical personnel, summed up as follows: 1. Idling before work. Before each shift, the mixer should be idle for 2-3 minutes to check if the stirring blades are solid and normal.

In idling, the relevant maintenance personnel and construction personnel should be as far as possible away from the mixer's export direction, to avoid the parts fly out and cause casualties. 2. Select the material control.

For concrete materials, in the input before mixing to carry out screening work, including the size of the formula materials, material properties, ph and other small problems, to avoid improper material and the concrete blades caused unnecessary corrosion. 3. Listening at work.

In the whole process of stirring, we should pay close attention to the sound, speed and operation of the mixer blades to prevent the accidents such as breakage. 4. Cleaning after work. After each stirring, the blades of the concrete mixer must be cleaned and the dirt on the blades removed. Second, often in the mixer between the bearings and blades, mixer blades and petiole between the drip oil.

In particular, the mixer blades for rust and rust treatment, in order to avoid improper maintenance caused by rust and corrosion of blades. 5. Regular inspection. The abrasion of concrete mixer blades should be checked and treated regularly to increase the wear resistance of the blades. The different parts of the mixer blades were treated with different methods. The strength and wear resistance of the blades can be strengthened by adding manganese and nobelium rice to the mixing blades. Mixer Blades of the welding department should also be regularly inspected, once found abnormal should be timely treatment and good records.