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The classification and introduction of agitator blades
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The circulating flow of liquid in the reactor is essential to the mixing of the material, and the turbulent diffusion and shear flow are necessary for the stirring process to be achieved quickly.

Although some suitable flow state also depends on the mixing tank and other accessories to create together, but the shape and operation of the impeller can still be said to determine the flow in the tank of the most basic factors. All kinds of agitator impeller shape according to the direction of the agitator and impeller surface can be divided into three categories, namely, straight leaves, folding leaves and helical surface leaves.

Propeller-type, turbo-type, anchor-type, frame-type impeller are straight or folding leaves, while the propulsion, screw-type, screw-type impeller is the helical surface leaves. The foliage of the straight leaves is perpendicular to the direction of motion, that is, the direction of movement is the same as the normal direction. The leaf surface of the folding leaves is inclined to the direction of movement, usually 45° or 60°. The helical surface is a continuous helical surface or a part of the blade surface and moving direction of the angle gradually change, such as the root surface of the propulsion blades and the direction of motion can generally be 40°~70°, and the surface of the blade and the direction of movement is small, generally 17° about.