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How To Maintain Mixer Accessories?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

First, the mixer accessories in the outdoor work should be selected to work on the flat floor and the board, to prevent the machine tilt affect the use of efficiency, at night and rain and snow weather with cover cloth or moved to the dry room.

Second, the long-term storage, the machinery must be maintained, repair damaged parts, and its thorough cleaning, to maintain good technical status.

Third, the mixing work area should choose in the open place, is not affected by other machinery to enter and leave.

Four, the mechanical fuel control rod should be placed in the idle speed position, the control rods placed in the air position.

Five, the mixer engine maintenance: ① put out the engine cooling water. ② Replace engine oil. The new oil is usually neutral and does not corrode the metal parts of the engine. ③ fuel tank filled with diesel oil to avoid rust of fuel tank. Preservatives should also be added if conditions permit. ④ in the downtime should be launched once a month engine, so that the machinery for a short distance, so that the lubrication of parts to create new oil film, to prevent rust. Should note: Before starting should be filled with cooling water, the end should be exhausted cooling water.