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The Working Principle Of Thermostat
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Constant temperature automatic feeding device is equipped with cooling/heating module, which uses the effective cooling air of pal sticking element. When open, set the front of the heating/cooling PAL component according to the temperature. The fan inhales air from the sample tray area and passes it through the channel of the heating/cooling module. The fan speed is determined by environmental conditions (e.g. ambient humidity, temperature). In the heating/cooling module, the air reaches the temperature of the pal-attached element, and the horizontal thermostat is blown to the special sample plate, where it is evenly distributed and returned to the sample tray area. The air then goes from there into the thermostat.

This cycle mode ensures efficient cooling/heating of the sample bottles. In cooling mode, the other side of the PAL sticker becomes hot and must be cooled to maintain foresight, which is achieved through a large heat exchanger on the back of the thermostat. The four fans blew the air from left to right and discharged the heated air.

The fan speed determines the temperature control of the PAL-stick element. Condensation water will appear in the heating/cooling module during cooling. The condensed water will be filled with thermostats.